David Novros - Solo Show "Coppers" @ Ex Oratorio di San Lupo, Adriano Bernareggi Foundation, Bergamo, Italy


Curated by Don Giuliano Zanchi.

For the "Coppers" show, held at the Ex Oratorio di San Lupo in collaboration with the Adriano Bernareggi Foundation, seven large artworks on copper will be presented for the first time. This series was born during the Eighties, when Novros began to focus his artistic research on Byzantine and Paleo Christian art, searching for peculiar primordial shapes and natures and absorbing the fascination for architectures, high-relieves, materials and colors as gold, copper, and enameled paint. In Coppers, a high-medieval world resurfaces, in which the references are explicit: from the Gospel Book of Teodolinda, renowned piece of Longobardian goldsmithing and toreutic art, to the bronze chiseled buckles, to the main Golden Altarpiece, antependium of the Basilica di San Marco decorated with gold, silver, enamel and precious stones. Novros’ idea is to recreate a personal chapel with a specific history and identification in San Lupo, dialoguing with the famous Chapel created by Rothko in Houston. Differently from the latter, conceived as a sacred place for individuals of every religion, Novros’ church is an intimate and private space dedicated to the celebration of the cultural heritage that influenced his poetics. His Art, so strongly connected to the medieval spirituality and spiritualism, finally finds a comfortable home in the most natural space for his works.

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