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Orientation of the gallery

Thomas Brambilla Gallery has been founded with the specific aim to suggest artists engaged into an artistic pursuit that, just as the best Avant-garde, alters the language and the form, communicating with the later and innovative cultural topics.

The Gallery’s choices disclose a dialogue between artists with different ages and education.

The radicalism, both formal and existential, of the masters Lynda Benglis, Simon Linke, David Novros, Maggi Hambling and John Torreano meets the poetic and linguistic instances of younger artists, such as Jack Pierson, Thomas Helbig and Marco Cingolani.

The Gallery desires to present well-known artists, who have already reached fame and consideration, like the Russian Anatoly Osmolovsky, together with the debut of artists like Brendan Lynch and Erik Saglia.

Over the past years, the Gallery has organized the first Italian exhibition of Lynda Benglis, followed by a great retrospective exhibition of Klaus Rinke, a solo show by Simon Linke and the very first Italian double solo show by David Novros.

The Gallery has also organized the first solo shows by Joe Zucker and John Torreano in Italy and the second solo show by Ron Gorchov. In 2021, the Gallery organized the first solo shows by Jack Pierson, Robert Feintuch and Maggi Hambling and the second show of Klaus Rinke.

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