Joe Zucker solo show "Detritus 2020" @ Madoo Conservancy, Sagaponack, USA


Joe Zucker Detritus 2020
August 13 — September 17, 2022

Detritus 2020, a selection of serial works, are the result of Joe Zucker’s reflections upon past and present histories of Eastern Europe. Created while in isolation during the Covid-19 pandemic, the work is on view in the summer studio through September 17, 2022. As the world came to a standstill, Zucker used painting as a cure for malaise and Sholom Aleichem’s short stories as a guide in depicting the wreckage of Eastern Europe from violence and bloodshed. Re-using materials from the studio (cardboard, rubber flooring tiles, masking tape and felt tipped markers) to construct raw and powerful images of shtetls, Zucker has created a narrative that queries human existence when brutality is effortlessly overlooked and forgotten.

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