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Grayson Revoir (b. 1983) in San Francisco, California lives and works between New York and Berlin. There are two artists of reference for Grayson Revoir: Edvard Munch and Günther Uecker. For the second one, the reference is obvious. Just look at the works of Grayson which are tables, ladders and wooden panels pierced by a multitude of screws, nails, bolts, then left out in the rain, and so full of spots and streaks of rust. For the first one, instead, the reference is the treatment inflicted to the works by Revoir, just as Munch used to do. After destroying a ladder or a table rather than a wooden panel, Grayson leaves them on the roof of his home in Bushwick waiting for rain. Revoir gives no concessions to aesthetics. He does not allow anything to gratify the senses. He simply destroys the work with a brutal necessity to guide him, a primitive instinct. A performance of physical violence. A rape. A rape necessary to dialogue with history of art. With the holes by Fontana or the "fire paintings" by Yves Klein rather than, although with all the proper distances, with the dripping of Jackson Pollock.

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