John Torreano group show "12 Notes" @ Zona Franca Projects, Barcellona, Spain


The title and premise of 12 Notes derives from the quantity of tones in both the visual and musical chromatic scales.  Each tone has twelve foundational colors or notes that can be mixed to create infinite expressive combinations.  The works in this exhibition highlight the artistic individuality and boundless creativity produced from this short range of established units. The artists in this exhibition are part of a long historical legacy to be able to use these few fundamental tools to arrive at meaning, something extraordinary and individually theirs—beyond just surface color and some variety of technical skills.  

15 September - 6 October, 2021

Research from our users

Lynda Benglis

Marco Cingolani

Oscar Giaconia

Ron Gorchov

Thomas Helbig

Simon Linke

David Novros

Anatoly Osmolovsky

Edoardo Piermattei

Klaus Rinke

Erik Saglia

Joe Zucker

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