Jack Pierson group show "Alphabetic Image" @ Arsenal Contemporary NY, USA


Alphabetic Image addresses how artists represent letters, words, and texts. Through cubism, concrete poetry, graffiti, DADA, and pop art, artists have historically experimented with the dynamic intersection of text and image. Much like with abstraction, artists who started to work with text pursued an interest in non-metaphoric content. Alphabetic Image explores how artists today use language as a medium and reflects upon the prevalence of protest signage in recent visual culture. The exhibition is installed to emphasize an eclectic range of subjective voices and to suggest a sense of mass movement.

Arsenal Contemporary New York

June 12 - Aug 27, 2021

Jack Pierson group show "Alphabetic Image" @ Arsenal Contemporary NY, USA | lynda benglis, marco cingolani, ron gorchov, simon linke, klaus rinke, galleria d'arte bergamo

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Lynda Benglis

Marco Cingolani

Oscar Giaconia

Ron Gorchov

Thomas Helbig

Simon Linke

David Novros

Anatoly Osmolovsky

Edoardo Piermattei

Klaus Rinke

Erik Saglia

Joe Zucker

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