Anatoly Osmolovsky "Revolution is Us" @ Autostrada Biennale in Prizren, Kosovo


Autostrada Biennale was established with the mission to enhance culture and revitalize its community. It is envisioned as an innovative highway connecting the Istanbul, Venice and Prizren Biennales. The spaces will be in the alleyways and the Lumbardhi river in Prizren, Kosovo. The biennale is inspired by today’s changing world and was initiated in order to take advantage of and expand upon the increased artistic exchange and practice currently happening.

Through a spirit of cooperation we will seek to awaken creative energy in Kosovo, the Western Balkans region and beyond. Collaboration between di erent artistic elds and questioning the problems and di culties of the contemporary world is a groundbreaking of aspect of art today. It challenges and exchanges collaboration.

This shift in the relationship between artist, studio and museum was signaled in Harald Szeemann’s summary of the show’s content: “The obvious opposition to form; the high degree of personal and emotional engagement; the pronouncement that certain objects are art, although they have not previously been de ned as such; the shift of interest away from the result towards the artistic process; the use of mundane objects; the interaction of work and material; Mother Earth as medium, workplace, the desert as concept.”

Autostrada Biennale is a utopian factory and workplace in the best sense of the meaning. It aims to highlight social, political, economic and aesthetic conditions, which also in uence everyday life beyond the art world: to make the city itself a museum itself, a site of contemporaneity. A place in where local experiences of time subvert the unity of embracing and inventing its own time.

Anatoly Osmolovsky "Revolution is Us" @ Autostrada Biennale in Prizren, Kosovo | lynda benglis, marco cingolani, ron gorchov, simon linke, klaus rinke, galleria d'arte bergamo

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