Klaus Rinke group show "EXTRÊME COLLECTION" @ Frac Grand Large — Hauts-de-France, Dunkirk, France


The works of the Frac Grand Large are coming out of storage! “Extrême collection” invites you to discover the collection in groups, starting with the artists “D’Allemagne”, echoing our cross-partnership with the museums of Krefeld*.

Extreme Collection is divided into two parts:

17.02— 31.12.2024

Curated by Keren Detton, Director of Frac Grand Large

With the following artists of the Frac collection: Georg BASELITZ, Joseph BEUYS, Christiane BLATTMANN, Cosima von BONIN, Helmut DORNER, Haris EPAMINONDA, Hans-Peter FELDMANN, Günther FÖRG, Gloria FRIEDMANN, Wolfgang GÄFGEN, Jochen GERZ, Konstantin GRCIC,  Jitka HANZLOVÁ, Isabell HEIMERDINGER, Jörg IMMENDORFF, Martijn IN’T VELD, Annette KELM, Anna KLAMROTH, Peter KLASEN, Imi KNOEBEL, Antonia LOW, Markus LÜPERTZ, Helmut MIDDENDORF, Boris MIKHAILOV, Blinky PALERMO, Sigmar POLKE, Gerhard RICHTER, Klaus RINKE, Ulrich RÜCKRIEM, Reiner RUTHENBECK, Andreas SLOMINSKI, Eva TORNOW, Rosemarie TROCKEL, Peter WÄCHTLER, Jens WOLF.

The Frac’s collection is packed with artistic nuggets from our German neighbours, produced between the 1960s and the present day. Artists and designers are developing plastic forms that are part of a globalised history of art, involving political, economic and technological history in equal measure. Reflecting the acquisitions of the last 40 years, this exhibition highlights the relationship between artists and history and societal upheaval: how did artists in their day deal with it? And how do we view their work today?

This initial collection of around forty works will evolve as new works are loaned out, sparking new neighbourhoods and impromptu encounters, and reflecting the primary mission of the 22 Fonds régionaux d’art contemporain: to disseminate their collections throughout the regions. The tour is also punctuated by comments, descriptions, analyses and digressions from members of the Frac team and invited guests who share their knowledge of the collection and their interpretations of the works.

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Klaus Rinke group show "EXTRÊME COLLECTION" @ Frac Grand Large — Hauts-de-France, Dunkirk, France | lynda benglis, marco cingolani, ron gorchov, simon linke, klaus rinke, galleria d'arte bergamo

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