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Andrea Busto on John Torreano solo show at MEF

Video | 04/05/2021

On the occasion John Torreano's exhibition at MEF, we are pleased to present a video narrated by director, Andrea Busto. Through this video Mr. Busto describes how Torreano's work results from many years of research attempting to overcome the modernist dogma of essentialism and minimalism. Stanley Kubrick's seminal film, A Space Odyssey, coincided with Torreano's discovery of the Universe as a primary source for his research. He used photographic images of outer-space objects such as stars, galaxies and nebulae to help invent solutions to painterly problems. Astronomical theories were also crucial in providing metaphorical and symbolic possibilities for him. For example, astronomical elements can be recalled by his copious use of such decorative materials as acrylic gems, gold leaf and wooden balls.  These materials, like the reflections from a gem, cue the viewer for a possible unexpected visual experience.

Director Busto describes Torreano’s ongoing participation in the New York art world of the past several generations with other artists such as Ron Gorchov, Elizabeth Murray and Bill Jensen. Finally, included is an interesting reflection that emerges from the correspondence between Torreano’s practice and his long-time friend and mentor Richard Artschwager.

The exhibition is accompanied by a catalog raisonné with critical essays by Mr. Andrea Busto and Ms. Terrie Sultan, recent director of the Parrish Museum, Southampton NY.


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